Entity Name List

Corporate Name Document Number Status
1023 BLUE HILL CREEK HOLDINGS, LLC L07000073635 Active
1023 BY THE SEA CORP. P03000039325 INACT
1023 COLUMBUS, LLC L16000082842 Active
10:23 DIGITAL MARKETING LLC L19000038467 Active
1023 ENTERPRISES, INC. P03000048112 INACT
1023 FOOD INC. P08000063627 INACT
1023 INVESTMENTS LLC L21000472280 Active
1023 MAURI LLC L14000180628 INACT
1023 NW 2ND AVE LLC L18000170840 INACT
1023 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, LLC L05000110285 Active
1023 SAN MARCOS BLVD "LLC" L15000063243 INACT
1023SMS, LLC L18000265259 Active
1023 SR 20, LLC L21000281847 Active
1023 THE VUE, LLC L14000138882 Active
1023 W. 29TH ST., LLC L07000070023 Active
1023 WHITE DRIVE HOLDINGS LLC L16000148973 Active
1023 WHITEHEAD, LLC L04000074727 INACT
10-24, INC. J01705 INACT
1024, INC. P02000019060 INACT