Entity Name List

Corporate Name Document Number Status
12010 HWY 33 S. LLC L21000293043 Active
12010 PINE NEEDLE LANE LLC L13000063282 Active
120 10TH AVE N LLC L20000333731 Active
1201 10TH AVENUE NORTH, LLC L17000216255 Active
1201 AND 119TH, LLC L21000417103 Active
1201 AND 1203, INC. P09000045771 Active
1201-1203 NW 4TH ST. CONDOMINIUM ASSN., INC. N05000003262 INACT
1201-1215 DREW STREET LLC L07000111901 INACT/UA
12011 44TH STREET LLC L20000174149 Active
1201 14TH, LLC L19000112804 Active
1201 17TH TERRACE, LLC L19000024052 Active
12011 NW 31ST DRIVE, LLC L17000089668 INACT
1201 20TH STREET, UNIT 413, LLC L13000159575 INACT
1201 20TH STREET, UNIT CU1, LLC L13000168817 INACT
1201-21 N.W. 3RD AVENUE PROPERTIES, L.L.C. L07000040200 INACT
120 - 122 ISLE OF VENICE INC 277159 INACT
120-124 NE FOURTH STREET, LLC L05000004941 INACT
12012 NW PROPERTY, LLC L18000069041 Active
12013400, LTD. INC. F96000006200 INACT
12014 BASIN ST LLC L21000456936 Active