Entity Name List

Corporate Name Document Number Status
107C1, LLC L17000220411 Active
107C2, LLC L21000333365 Active
107 CAPRI C, LLC L16000116142 Active
107 CC LLC L22000377387 Active
107 CLAREMONT LANE, LLC L22000099263 Active
107 CLEANERS OF MIAMI CORP. P11000086202 Active
107 C & M MANAGEMENT LLC L21000178486 INACT
107 COCONUT KEY, LLC L04000011253 INACT
107 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY LLC L18000056093 Active
107 CORAL POINT, LLC L13000070074 Active
107 COUNTY RD LLC L23000150623 Active
107 CYPRESS GROVE LLC L17000000631 Active
107 DAVID AVE, LLC L24000080098 Active
107 DAVIE, LLC L22000481728 Active
107DCSRE, LLC L16000012649 InActive
107 DELEON, LLC L24000263824 Active
107 DORAL PAYROLL, LLC L20000228029 Active
107 DRIFTWOOD, LLC L09000092157 INACT
107 DRIVING SCHOOL, LLC L16000108778 Active