Entity Name List

Corporate Name Document Number Status
10551990 LLC L19000200018 Active
10551 LIPPIZAN ROAD LLC L17000242843 INACT
1055-2035 S HIAWASSEE LLC. L10000070991 INACT
10553 MIRA LAGO LANE LLC L19000246154 Active
10554 COCOBOLO, LLC L20000378024 Active
10555 NW 69 TERRACE L.L.C. L15000170782 Active
1055-92 BH, LLC L13000049083 InActive
1055-93 BAY HARBOR, LLC L17000203263 Active
1055 CORNWALL C, LLC L19000253172 Active
1055 E. 26TH STREET HOLDINGS LLC L06000033685 Active
1055 ENTERPRISES, LLC L11000135683 INACT
1055 FLAGLER, LLC L17000051746 Active
1055 FLL HOLDINGS, LLC L17000072472 Active
105.5 FM HOT COUNTRY T95000000985 INACT
1055 GULF OF MEXICO, LLC L03000054639 INACT
1055 GULF OF MEXICO DRIVE, LLC L14000174437 Active
1055 HOWELL MILL, LLC. L16000054317 INACT
1055 INVESTMENTS, LLC L06000052293 INACT
1055M LLC L10000128369 INACT